DRREVIP Consortium

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The DRREVIP consortium (funded by a 5 year, £6M grant from the BBRSC) is led by Dr Michael Skinner, from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London.

Co-PIs are Professor Wendy Barclay (also at Imperial); Dr Laurence Tiley, Professor Jim Kaufman and Professor Ian Goodfellow (all at the University of Cambridge); Professor Steve Goodbourn (St George’s, University of London); Professor Venugopal Nair (The Pirbright Institute and a visiting professor at Imperial); and Professor Helen Sang at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute.

DRREVIP Fellows are:

Dr Efstathios (‘Stathis’) Giotis – with Mike at Imperial (LinkedIn)

Dr Jason Long – with Wendy at Imperial (LinkedIn)

Dr Craig Ross – with Steve at SGUL

Dr Frederic Sorgeloos – with Ian in Cambridge

Dr Alicia Martin Lopez – with Jim in Cambridge (Profile; LinkedIn)

Dr Clive Tregaskes – also with Jim in Cambridge

Dr Ian Mickleburgh – with Laurence in Cambridge (Profile; LinkedIn)

Dr Ashley Roberts – with Venugopal in Pirbright