New page on IBV

Article on infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), contributed by Helena Maier of The Pirbright Institute.

Joining existing pages:

Chicken anaemia virus, contributed by Stathis Giotis

Avipoxviruses, contributed by Mike Skinner

Marek’s disease virus, contributed by Prof Venugopal Nair

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University College London Virtual Virology Club


THURSDAY 22nd September 2016; 4PM

Hosted by Professor Wendy Barclay, Chair in Influenza Medicine, Imperial College London

Further info & attendance

Jason Long – Defining Host range barriers that limit avian influenza polymerase in human cells

Wendy Barclay and Hui Li – Understanding the severity of zoonotic avian influenza viruses

Daniel Goldhill – Measuring the error rate of influenza polymerase to track pandemic evolution

Anika Singanayagam – The balance between pH stability of influenza HA protein, transmission and virulence

Wendy Barclay and Rebecca Frise – Counting influenza transmission

ChISG Browser website

Our ChISG Browser website is now available.

It includes screenshots of RNA-seq data for each ISG under basal and IFN-induced conditions (as described in our recent paper in Veterinary Research on the Chicken Interferome) based on comparison of chick embryo fibroblast transcriptomic data from two commercial microarrays as well as RNA-seq, which identified almost 200 interferon-regulated/stimulated genes.