DRREVIP overview

BBSRC sLoLa BB/K002465/1  “DRREVIP”



‘Developing Rapid Responses to Emerging Virus Infections of Poultry’

In “A world full of chickens and their viruses“, listen to Prof Steve Goodbourn, DRREVIP PI from St George’s, University of London, discussing the work of our BBSRC DRREVIP sLoLa.

Poultry virus research is vital, not only to protect what will shortly be the major source of animal protein to feed a growing world population, but also for human health. Poultry virus research enabled the development of the influenza vaccine and the use of interferons as antiviral medicine.

This research will address important scientific challenges to allow better isolation and diagnosis of viruses. Scientists will study endemic and exotic viruses, in an era when new poultry viruses rapidly cross national and continental boundaries to become global problems. The project will help us recognise emerging viruses before widespread infections occur, preparing for the possibility of new subtypes of avian influenza, and help the process of developing better vaccines for poultry and humans.

The £6.2M, 5 year funding boost (from the BBSRC) will also help to establish the next generation of poultry virologists, to work in a scientific area where the UK has traditionally been strong. It will also increase effort in poultry virology in anticipation of new facilities at The Pirbright Institute and the multi-million pound National Avian Research Facility, which is a collaboration between the Roslin Institute and The Pirbright Institute

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