Houghton Trust Grants

International Travel and Subsistence

Next Application deadline: 15th June 2017.

Grants for young avian diseases research workers, of any nationality, aged 35 or under, to undertake the following, in countries other than their own:

  1. Attendance and participation in scientific meetings.
  2. Short visits to appropriate laboratories for discussions and/or learning specific techniques (maximum duration 14 days).
  3. Appropriate training courses (not exceeding 14 days).

Deadlines: 15th Feb, 15th June or 15th Nov annually.

Small Project Research Grants (UK-based researchers ONLY)

Next Application deadline: 31st July 2017.

Small Grants (currently max. £10,000) for research into diseases of poultry.

Grants must be used in furtherance of research on avian diseases.

Vacation Studentships

Applications now closed for 2017. Deadline: 1st April 2017.

Vacation Studentships to enable undergraduate veterinary students in the UK to work on research projects related to avian and particularly poultry diseases during the summer vacation of that year


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